The DIY Design Melting Pot

iStock_000039504068_LargeYou know, they call America the melting pot of the world because we brought a thousand different cultures together and threw in some heat and clashes and wound up with one of the strongest nations in the history of the world. Well is the melting pot of DIY. I am no personal expert with access to all the best ideas for DIYers. As a matter of fact all I can offer is a place where all the different ideas can come together and melt into one great soup of DIY thought. Well, that’s what Dzine Soup is all about. Whether it’s food or renovations this is the place you’ll find ideas.

Where to Begin as a DIYer

Perhaps one of the biggest questions people find themselves asking is, “DIY sounds cool and all, but where am I supposed to begin?” Which is a very valid question! For many people DIY can seem overwhelming because it’s the sort of hobby that is entirely self motivated. I am the sort of individual that felt it would be a good thing to do, but didn’t know if I could be as creative as my naturally DIY inclined friends. The good news is that DIY is actually something that will suggest itself to you. iStock_000021515906_LargeAs you look over your kingdom and the subjects living in it (whether they are children, roommates, or just a couple cats) you’ll see the small cracks in the system. Perhaps the sink faucet drips, or the cupboard door is coming off its hinges, or the drawers on your dresser have lost their pull handles. These are naturally GREAT places to begin the process of DIY. When you have discovered those small projects that inspire you to begin DIY projects hopefully you will find that they naturally lead you to more creative projects that require creativity from you. And that is where design becomes a big player.

What Every DIYer Needs

So, now you’re repairing things and making new home decorations and you’ve encountered that age old truth—a DIYer is only as good as her tools. If you don’t have a good set of the necessary parts of a toolbox most projects will be rather difficult. I mean think about trying to put on cupboard door handles without a screwdriver or fixing the gutters on your house without a reliable multipurpose ladder. The toolbox is the best friend of the DIYer. I would suggest that you begin by finding those few essential tools:

  • Saw
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level

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